The Story So Far…

2015 update…

As I’ve done below. I’ll put a summary update together of the 2015 season and the minor revisions to the plan for the future prior to the season start in March, back soon.



JT 2014 2

2014 The story so far…

I’m Pat Tynan, Jack’s dad and, like many things this year, I haven’t done this before. To start with I’d like to say thank you very much for taking the time to read this and allowing me to tell you a little about Jack, his efforts this year and his plans for the future.

Jack Tynan #96

Jack has just turned 18 and has loved motorbikes from a young age, starting out on a minimoto, progressing from fun days out doing motocross and a little club competition to, eventually, persuading me to give him a shot at road racing with ThundersportGB in 2014. He has always performed well in his physical endeavours. We practised martial arts for many years and progressed through local competition to nationals before getting selected and competing as part of the ITF England Taekwon-Do team in 2 European and one World championships. This seems to have prepared him well for dealing with, and rising to, the challenges of competition.


JT 2014 1


In the summer of 2013 he convinced me that he really wanted this, so we went to the Ron Haslam racing school for a day to ‘try it out’. It was Jacks first time on a road bike (CBR500) and I wasn’t expecting much.  But, his instructor said he was pushing him and he went past everyone that was there that day including me.  So, after a fair amount of research, we ended up choosing ThundersportGB and the Thundersport 500 class.  ThundersportGB because they have a good reputation and the 500 class because of the relative affordability and because a few racers who have good careers had also started there.


JT 2014 5 JT 2014 6



Ron Haslam Race School

We did our ACU course in February 2014 and our first race was at Brands Hatch in March.  I didn’t have a clue! We didn’t even have tyre warmers for the first two rounds!! But I started racing with him so that I could understand what it was about and, more importantly to me, so that I could talk through everything with Jack and understand what he was talking about with first hand knowledge. 2014 was a huge learning curve, but it was brilliant. I understand you know about Jacks blog so I won’t take you through the season blow by blow, it’s all in the website if you want to have a look.

Our aim for 2014 was to learn the tracks, gain experience and maybe achieve some top ten finishes before the end of the year. Well, at the last round of the season, Mallory Park, Jack qualified 3rd on the grid for the Saturday races, it was wet in the morning and he seems to like the wet. There were 46 riders qualifying for the 32 available places on the grid. He came 5th in the first race and in the second race, he achieved his first ever podium by crossing the line in 2nd place!  The winner was Tom Leonard who is in second place overall for the season. The marshals also voted him rider of the day on Sunday which he is also proud of. The engine in Jack’s bike was taken from a £250 MOT failure and only serviced by me.

This kind of end to this season clearly showed me that I have to take him seriously and do my best to enable him make the most of his talent.  This is the first step on a long journey and we’re looking for companies that want to take this journey with us.

Our loose plans are below and I’ve added some information at the end that may be useful; TV info, some info from ThundersportGB and links to the points standings for the season.


Jack placed 16th overall out of 44 placed riders in his first year of racing.


Thanks for your time.


Winter 2014/15


JT 2014 3


We are visiting or writing to companies to ask for help with the essentials and so we can budget for the year ahead.


Jack is keeping physically fit and keeping up the practise by doing supermoto pit bike evenings and events to keep his hand in.


The bikes will be getting stripped down and made ready, lots to do here.


We’ll be improving suspension components as the class allows Hagon adjustables. We just used stock CB500 items this year, only putting in progressive fork springs in at Donington late in the season.


Plans for the next couple of years (a target, but not fixed)


2015: Thundersport 500 – continue with the progress from this year and be fighting for points, podiums and overall championship.

2016: Using the platform of 2015 and the support of our sponsors – gain entry to the 2016 PATA European Junior Cup. Jack will be 19 then and I think it’s the last year of eligibility for the EJC.

2017: Superstock 600 ????



Thundersport demographics 2014

Spectator Attendance at each round…

Attendance has varied and has largely depended on the weather (this is quite normal for motorsport events), but please be aware the figures below are genuine figures, not inflated variants (which is also normal for some organisers…

It has been as low as 950 (wet Mallory Park) and as high as 4880 (sunny warm CadwellPark), anywhere in the middle can be permeated thereafter, but on the whole, attendance has continued to improve by 30% per annum, as Thundersport GB continues to become more of a household name (this all based on events that carried similar weather patterns in 2012 as 2011). We’ve had another improvement in 2013 and I’m delighted to reveal a 35% increase again and as a direct consequence have had to already up the number of raceday programme publications we give away from 2,500, to 4,000/5,000 dependant on venue).

Viewing figures on Motors TV for the shows…

Motors TV

This also varies from 30 -60k (the first ‘prime time’ slots being the larger, with repeats more often than not the lower figures).

We also have an extra hour on Motors TV per event for 2014 (two 1hr 30min shows, one 1hr show & one x 30min show + repeats), so overall figures will obviously be higher again.

Viewing figures on Thundersport i-player

Over 46,000 views in it’s first year on inception (however, if a video was watched twice or three times by the same PC, it only clocked up one ‘view’, so it could have actually been twice or even triple that….

This area is growing dramatically on a daily basis and is viewed almost as much during the winter period, as during the season! At the start of the 2013season, the thundersport i-player was embedded within our website and thus records every view and we’ve had nearly 120,000 views for the 2013 footage.

Number of hits on the ThundersportGB website:

The website gets between 3500 -8,000 hits per week (depending on the latest information on display, but with the i-player situated therein, we’re receiving a dramatic increase in traffic as aforesaid).

As you can imagine it is a slightly inaccurate science to try and forecast who will do what and when for any season. But at least the above gives you some idea as to the potential exposure your sponsor’s investment might bring…


Thundersport GB 2015 dates


Onwards into 2015 with 9 fantastic events at 8 great circuits.


Tuesday 17th February – DoningtonPark – 108 DBa

(ACU-CTC course / Track Assessment & General Test Day)


Sunday 22nd February – Donington Park – 98 DBa

(ACU-CTC course / Track Assessment & General Test Day)


Friday 6th March – Brands Hatch (Indy) – Thundersport GB Testing

Saturday 7th March – Brands Hatch (Indy) – Invicta Challenge

Sunday 8th March – Brands Hatch (Indy) – Invicta Challenge


Friday 10th April – Donington Park National – Thundersport GB Testing (98DBa)

Saturday 11th April – Donington Park National – Including Robert Fearnall Trophy

Sunday 12th April – Donington Park National – Including Robert Fearnall Trophy


Saturday 2nd May – Snetterton 200 – Thundersport GB Testing

Sunday 3rd May – Snetterton 200 – Ace of Clubs

Monday 4th May – Snetterton 200 – Ace of Clubs


Friday 29th May – Cadwell Park – Thundersport GB Testing

Saturday 30th May – Cadwell Park – King of the Mountain

Sunday 31st May – Cadwell Park – King of the Mountain


Friday 26th June –  Oulton Park – Thundersport GB Testing & Qualifying

Saturday 27th June – Oulton Park – Including Adam Boyle Trophy


Friday 24th July – Rockingham – Thundersport GB Testing

Saturday 25th July – Rockingham – Thunder at the Rock

Sunday 26th July – Rockingham – Thunder at the Rock


Saturday 29th August – Anglesey Trac Mon – Thundersport GB Testing

Sunday 30th August – Anglesey Trac Mon – Moto Super-Prix of Wales

Monday 31st August – Anglesey Trac Mon – Moto Super-Prix of Wales



Thursday 24th September – Donington Park GP – Thundersport GB Testing (108DBa)

Friday 25th September – REST DAY (those set up in paddocks 2 & 3 will not have to move)

Saturday 26th September – Donington Park GP (Duke of Donington)

Sunday 27th September – Donington Park GP (Duke of Donington)

Friday 16th October – Cadwell Park – Thundersport GB Testing

Saturday 17th October – Cadwell Park – Championship Finals

Sunday 18th October – Cadwell Park – Championship Finals


Motors TV


Ron Haslam Race School


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One thought on “The Story So Far…

  1. Brian Holmes

    I am Jacks Grand dad Brian and proud
    reading these comments reminds me of how well Jack as done since last year.
    I can see Jack on the Podium this year quite allot, because he loves what he does and his heart and soul is in what he is doing.
    I must say a big thank you to Pat ,Jacks Dad who has worked very hard so Jack can achieve his Dream.
    Pat also races and has done well, also attends to the mechanics to the bikes that is dedication.
    My wife Vicky and i will be going to some of this years races to give them the support they deserve.
    Good Luck Lads.

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