Mallory Park – EMRA – Sept 2016

Saturday night we left for Mallory, got set up when we arrived so we were all ready for the following day to race the r6 for the first time!

In the morning I went out for practice/qualifying, it was still wet in places but even with the wet patches I put in a 57s lap which put me 8th on the grid.

Race one I went out, never started the r6 off the line before so I messed that up and dropped back but I managed to pass a load of riders which put me to about 6th at the Esses. Throughout the race I was struggling to find grip and feel in the rear so I couldn’t improve my pace at all which also ended up in people passing me, however I finished that race in 8th.

In between race one and race two me and dad checked the pressures and the rear was 2-3 psi higher than it should be as we dropped the pressures to where we wanted them however other things I was mentioning about how the bike felt especially into braking and corner triggered a few things… I was speaking to John O’Toole on the phone and he advised me to talk to Ron Haslam about it so that’s what I did, I was fortunate enough to call Ron up and talk to him about what was going on and his answer helped me so much for the second race! He advised me to take a few clicks off compression and see how that felt as well as other things I could do if I had more time on track but I only had the one race left so all we did was the compression, tyre pressures and adjusted the clutch biting point because I struggled with that on the start in the previous race.


Race two I was starting 14th on the grid and after the adjustments to the bike I set off and got a much better start! Was able to stick with the front pack to finish 6th as well as sticking a 55.6s lap time in.


What was important to my dad was the last three laps of the last race I started to hook it up and ride it like a 600 instead of like a lightweight bike and that’s when I pulled a 55.6 and seeing that time and being 1.2 off the fastest lap of the race meant I was finding where I needed to be on the bike and that’s what he thought was important from the day.


Without people helping me I wouldn’t be where I am now so I’d like to say thank you to all the people helping me and letting me Pursue my dream.







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Most of all my family and friends who are all so supportive!


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Keep it lit!




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