Jacks first day on the R6

Tuesday morning we were up early for the two hour drive to Donington Park to ride the R6 for the first time!

First session out was awesome, I really gelled with the bike and started to enjoy myself more and more after every lap! The second lap in I was scraping my elbows on it already, the tyres, the set up and everything about the bike I became comfortable with!


The second session was near enough the same, just good fun and enjoying it while trying to go faster each lap. I kept getting a cramp in my hand which I’ve never had before but after a few laps with it the pain decided to go away and stay away for the rest of the day which was good. What wasn’t so good is when I came in the bike overheated and spat out all the water from the overflow however all it was is that I kept it on too long after coming into the pits so after that I just switched it off every time I came down to pit lane then the bike was fine.

JT - R6 - first day - web - 1

The third session I was out with Neil Hodgeson! He followed behind and watched me closely, bearing in mind it was my first day out on the 600 I thought I was going to come in and there be lots and lots of things wrong with what I was doing however it was alright, my pace, my style, cornering and fears were all fine other than my braking… The braking was a big thing for me and from the advice I received from Neil I managed to improve myself on where I was weak quite quickly so I’m happy with that and very thankful to Neil for giving me the extra time that he did when he didn’t have to.

JT - R6 - first day - web - 3

JT - R6 - first day - web - 5

The fourth and fifth sessions were awesome, I really started to crack on and familiarise myself with the R6 and get comfortable with it, backing it in, pulling a few wheelies then getting my head down and knocking seconds off of my lap time each lap round also while getting some good GoPro footage.

Yes it was a track day so I couldn’t push as much as I wanted to however it was a great first day on the R6, I’m not at the pace I want to be just yet but I will be!

Without people helping me I wouldn’t be where I am now so I’d like to say thank you to all the people helping me and letting me pursue my dream.





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Most of all my family and friends who are all so supportive!

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Keep it lit!



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