Oulton Park – July 2016

Oulton Park Round 5


Thursday night we arrived quite late at Oulton Park for Round 5 of the Thundersport GB Championships.


Friday morning we were up pretty early to make sure everything was ready and sorted for the day of three test sessions and one qualifying.


The first session I went out and was just trying to find my way round as I’ve never been there on the 450, however after a few laps I gave it the big balls and went for a fast lap, made one minor mistake and ran on the grass to drop it in the gravel which was obviously what I had planned to do… Anyway, the bike was fine, no damage done at all other than a few scratches on the side of the fairing.


Second session out I was starting to feel better, started to find my way and put in some reasonable times which I was happy with, and I kept it up right this time.


Session three, the final session of the day before qualifying was wet which I was happy about because we hadn’t done any good time in the wet to see how far I could push the wet tyres, see how the bike felt and everything else so I went out and started to bank some laps in pretty comfortable at first but I wasn’t pushing so about half way through the 20 minute session I decided to push and get my head down, yes I had a few moments but you’re always going to in them conditions. I managed to get the fastest time in the final practice in wet conditions which really helped my confidence.

JT Oulton 201607 - web 3

Qualifying came up pretty fast but the weather yet again had changed to a bone dry track with sunny sky’s, I went out and did what I could and managed to qualify in 8th which I wasn’t too happy about because I was still trying to find where I can push the bike and myself around the track but I still took to positives out of it because I hadn’t been to this track on this bike before.


Track walk and out to see a few people that night which is always good fun but in around 11 to get some sleep for RACE DAY!


Saturday morning I was up at 7 for a fresh shower to wake me up then to get ready for practice in the morning.

JT Oulton 201607 - web 2

I went out in practice with a clearer head and more confidence than qualifying the day before, I did what I could out on track on my own without using anyone as markers… I just tried to find myself around the track lap by lap. I came in 4th fastest from the morning practice with a faster lap time than in qualifying the day before which really helped me.


Race one, I went out and tried for a good start but it’s so tight into the first corner I got squeezed back to about 9th from 8th on the grid but I managed to make a couple of places on the first lap as well as lose a few.

JT Oulton 201607 - web 6

Me and Trystan were battling from the second lap all the way to the end of the race for 6th, we tripped each other up really because I think we could have stayed with the top 5 but we kept over taking each other. Either way the racing was awesome! On one lap me and Trystan must have made 8 overtakes on each other, I really enjoyed the battling. Alex managed to catch us up because of our battling, past us and tried to pull a gap but unfortunately crashed. The battling carried on all the way through then the last lap came up, again it was mental till the last corner however there were two superteen riders we were coming up to lap and there wasn’t a line for me which stuffed me up big time letting Conor through to pass me also for me to finish in 7th.


Race two was wet with standing water which I was more than happy with as I’m comfortable and feel pretty confident to do well in the wet…


I was sat on the start line ready to go but they held us for quite a while and my bike went up to about 115 degrees so I had to turn it off because it was already too hot. A few minutes later we were told to start the bikes up ready to go but my bike wouldn’t start at all, the battery or starter motor packed up and wasn’t working for me at all!


Me dad and a marshal tried to bump start it on the start/finish straight Infront of everyone on pit wall as all the other riders were on their warm up lap but it wasn’t having any of it. I wasn’t in the best of moods at all because I was really looking forward to that race in the wet, I was gutted.


I sat to the side of the track in the heavy rain for 20 minutes or so getting soaked while the race I could have been in went past.

JT Oulton 201607 - web 1

Oh well, at the end of the day that’s racing and shit happens! Always looking at the positives though and there are many to take away from this weekend! now the focus is on round 6 at Rockingham!


As usual there are loads of people to thank but I’d like to say a big thankyou to Thundersport GB, Bernedette for being amazing as always, the marshals, medics & officials for being there and taking care of everyone!


Also to people behind me, my mum, sis, all family and friends for all being so supportive. My dad who’s got everything sorted with the bike and making all of this happen for me I wouldn’t ever get this chance if it wasn’t for you so thank you so much, he’s also owner of Tynan.co & Tynan.co/racing. Thanks to Martins Motorcycles in Reading, RideInBikeTyres for helping us with tyres, Motoz Race Paints for the work on the fairings, MTC MOTORCYCLES for their help with parts!


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Keep it lit!



JT Oulton 201607 - web 5



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