Cadwell Park – May 2016

Cadwell Park round 4 was awesome!!!


We arrived at the famous Cadwell Park Friday afternoon with loads of time to get set up and ready for the weekend.


Testing on Saturday went really well, there were a lot of things to learn and understand about myself, the bike and the track and how to work through certain issues to improve my times and how I feel on the bike.


Qualifying on Sunday morning was a struggle with grip and suspension even though we were playing with things in testing the day before, I managed to put myself 10th on the grid so I’m pretty pleased with that and hoping to go better when I go back out.

JT cadwell web 2

Race one was hectic, I think everyone was struggling with grip all over the track and had problems of their own but I managed to get a good start, keep consistent lap times and finish 5th so I was very please with knocking on the top 5 door and hoping to do the same if not better in race two.


5th in race two and able to stay with the front pack all race which I was really happy with as we had to find that time in the suspension, tyre pressures and a new clutch in between races.

JT cadwell web 5

There were some awesome battles out there with the lads, I’m starting to feel more and more confident every session out.


Mega laps put me 6th on the grid for TV DAY so second row for me! J


Can’t thank my dad enough for giving me this opportunity and doing his best all the time to help me improve, it’s not easy and we have to work hard but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We can only go up from here.


Starting from 6th on the grid, I managed to get 4th into turn one. We were all bunched up into the top 5 or 6 till everyone made their own mistakes, including myself or didn’t in some cases causing us all to spread out a bit.

JT cadwell web 4

I managed to stay in 3rd position for a couple of laps until Matty and Caolan came past, there was a good battle going on between us and I was loving the mountain every time I went over it! There is footage here and on my Facebook page (JACK TYNAN), Instagram & Twitter: @Jacktynan96 go take a look!


Back markers were causing problems for all of us but I dropped back a little when I was held up in a few places. Caolan and Matty just got away from me by about two seconds which was just enough so I couldn’t get it back.


Coming through halls bends then through the hairpin I’m still behind by 2 seconds so I’m thinking I’ll be finishing in 5th but Caolan, unfortunately for him, drops it at barn corner and gifts me a 4th.

JT cadwell web 8

Another top 5 in race two, happy to finish 5th in the last race of the weekend and not only that I’m happy that I kept it on two wheels, I’m feeling stronger every time out on this 450 and I think it’s starting to show.


Awesome race with all the boys out there, the racing is so tight and on a knife edge! I wouldn’t want it any other way, it’s been a great weekend at Cadwell Park!

JT cadwell web 7

Results for this weekend:


Race one: 5th

Race two: 5th

Race three: 4th

Race four: 5th


Very happy with the results, starting to piece some good points together… Let’s aim for more at Oulton!


Will Caines had a bad crash at the gooseneck and has unfortunately broken his hip which resulted in needing an operation, all the best wishes to you and a speedy recovery, take care mate.


As usual there are loads of people to thank but I’d like to say a big thankyou to Thundersport GB, Bernedette for being amazing as always, the marshals, medics & officials for being there and taking care of everyone!


Also to people behind me, my mum, sis, all family and friends for all being so supportive. My dad who’s got everything sorted with the bike and making all of this happen for me I wouldn’t ever get this chance if it wasn’t for you so thank you so much, he’s also owner of & Thanks to Martins Motorcycles in Reading, RideInBikeTyres for helping us with tyres, Motoz Race Paints for the work on the fairings, MTC MOTORCYCLES for their help with parts and much much more!

JT cadwell web 3

On the way home now, off to Spain tomorrow morning for a five day break I can’t wait!

JT cadwell web 6

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