Snetterton – May 2016

We arrived at Snetterton Friday night, unloaded everything, set it all up and chilled, ready for a full day testing the following day.


Saturday morning and throughout the whole day was gorgeous weather, nice and sunny! I had six sessions to do as I pleased in, all day we were trying to set up the bike and see what suited me best, in the end we found something that was working okay but I was still uncomfortable but hey ho that’s testing out the way, focus is on qualifying the following day now.


Sunday morning I was up early and ready for the day, according to my dad I’m a pain to wake up, well sorry about that dad I just enjoy my sleep…


Qualifying and race one were done and in the books very quickly.


Not the best start to the weekend with qualifying P13 and finishing P11 in the race.


We tried different tyre pressures and a few other things in testing and today for qualifying and race one to see if any of it would benefit me in anyway but some of the things only did the opposite which gave me no feel at all of what the bike was doing and how far I could push it which made me ride without the pace I would have liked to.


We’ve made a few adjustments to a few things hopefully to put me in a better place and help me get comfortable with the bike for race two.


Even so, the problems being as they are I still had a good battle with a few lads out there so I’m feeling good and just glad to be back out racing.


This is a massive learning curve for me and my dad but we’re getting there.


Race two that day I started to get a better feel for the bike and track, I worked myself into 6th but still wasn’t quite on pace to stay with the front group and dropped back to 10th to finish.


That night I was out with a few of the lads having a laugh in the bar (I was on orange juice don’t judge me too quickly) it was a good night and it’s always nice to see everyone after a long day riding to talk about everything.

JT Snett 210605 - 3

The next day, TV DAY! The weather was a bit iffy, wet ground from the rain the night before but I’m sure it’ll dry up for race three.


I went out in the morning practice on wets just to get my eye in on how they feel around here which was l hopefully meant set me up well for the last race of the day as its meant to be raining later on…


My pace in the iffy/wet conditions is good, I was really confident and comfortable out in the morning practice, having a little battle with the championship leaders and lads to beat like Zak Corderoy, Will Caines, Will Hodgeson etc.. I was fastest in sector one but third fastest in sector two. I had the fastest ideal lap time so those conditions were suiting me nicely.


I started from P12 on Monday but I thought if I can get a good start I’m hoping for some better results than the day before…


Bring on TV DAY!

JT Snett 210605 - 2

The word of the weekend for me is POSITIVE.


Honestly I’ve been a bit frustrated with my race finishes this weekend and how uncomfortable I was with everything to start off with, however this is my third weekend on the bike and I still have a load to learn!


Each session and each race I went out in I improved on something each time whether it be a corner I was struggling with, where to be positioned on the track in certain places, or whatever it was I made improvements each time out.


Race three of the weekend felt okay, I had a good start which put me to P7 but dropped back through the race to finish 11th.


Race four, the final race of the weekend I was really happy with my start I jumped a row and put myself in P8 in the first two corners but it jumped out of gear on the back straight which dropped me back a few places… I was having an awesome battle with Connor wheeler all the way through, chopping and changing position the whole race, I managed to clinch 10th from him on the last couple of laps.

JT Snett 210605 - 1

In the last race I was enjoying the entry into Montreal, dropping it down two gears, dumping the clutch and letting the rear end step out before I tip right, mega fun!


The main thing is I had a POSITIVE weekend! I Had a good time, a laugh with the lads in between and after the races and enjoyed being back out on the bike.


After we got packed up we started heading home knowing it’ll take a few hours including a stop for some fatty, greasy food but that’s alright, I’ll be back in the gym the day after and out on the pitbike the following weekend and as much as I can, working towards feeling better and more confident before Round 4 at Cadwell Park!


As usual there are loads of people to thank but I’d like to say a big thankyou to Thundersport GB, Bernedette for being amazing as always, the marshals, medics & officials for being there and taking care of everyone!


Also to people behind me, my mum, sis, all family and friends for all being so supportive. My dad who’s got everything sorted with the bike and making all of this happen for me I wouldn’t ever get this chance if it wasn’t for you so thank you so much, he’s also owner of & Thanks to Martins Motorcycles in Reading, RideInBikeTyres for helping us with tyres, Motoz Race Paints for the work on the fairings, MTC MOTORCYCLES for their help with parts and much much more!


Thanks to Mick Taylor for coming doing and supporting me, I appreciate it a lot mate!


Also I’d like to wish my best to Alex Wood #26 who had a nasty highside, speedy recovery bro hope you’re alright and get back out as soon as possible!

JT Snett 210605 - 4

Time to get back in the gym, back on the pitbike and get ready for round 4 at Cadwell Park!


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