Donington – March 2016

Donington Park with storm Katie blowing through made for an interesting weekend!

Friday around 9 me and dad were up getting the last few things packed and ready to go away for the weekend. We left home around 2pm and got to Donington Park at about 4pm.

That afternoon/evening we set up all our gear and relaxed as we had the next morning to finish up because we were out for the afternoon session.

Saturday morning I woke up to absolutely horrible weather! I thought it would pass by the time I was out but it stayed and multiple riders were going down and trashing their bikes and a few even went to hospital because of the wet windy weather so me and dad decided not to go out that day at all so, the plan was to go straight into qualifying the next day and that’s what we did.

I went out on the 600 first for qualifying and qualified 4th in my class but 17th overall, I was having non stop problems with power delivery All through qualifying which didn’t fill me with much confidence for the races to come later that day.

I went out on the RRV450 in qualifying and qualified 13th on the grid which I was happy with for a starting point however I had my eye set on finishing in the top ten.

JT Donny 201603 web 5

There was a long wait all the way from the morning to 2pm for my first race for the 600 but as it came up I thought I’d just go out and see how it goes bearing in mind the bike really wasn’t running right.

I went out and gridded up for race one on the 600, we took off for the practice lap but the bike wasn’t feeling right at all, it kept bogging out and being really temperamental with the power, I barely made it round one lap because of it so I just retired before the race even started I would have had no chance and would have probably caused an accident so I pulled in.

Me and dad decided the long and short of it is that I will be focussing on the 450 from now onward, so that’s what we did, we even managed to sell the cbr600 that weekend and not bring it home so enjoy your new home with Connor Irwin, also a big well done to Connor this weekend on the steelsport 600 you rode awesome mate.

Like I said, 13th in qualifying on the RRV, but there is so much time to lose and so many areas to improve. I was hoping to go out enjoy the ride and get some good points as well as getting more comfortable with the bike.

JT Donny 201603 web 7

Race one I managed to get a fairly decent start and cling onto the second group of about 6 or so riders, my pace wasn’t up to speed with theirs on the first few laps so they put a gap on me that I couldn’t close. Alex Wood was with me all the way through the race and dicing in between me, we had an awesome battle, at one point he went into the back of me up to mcleans! Close battling aye haha loved it though and I managed to finish 9th which I was very happy because I was aiming for top ten.

Race two on the rrv450 I was feeling a bit more comfortable going out and was hoping to dig a little deeper into the top ten. Again I managed to cling onto the pack but their pace was too fast for me so I couldn’t hold on but yet again me and Alex were battling which was awesome, a few laps before last I saw on my pitboard +10 instead of +0 like the laps before so I wondered what happened to Alex, unfortunately he fell off around redgate earlier that lap but he was up and ok also I finished 8th so onwards and upwards, feeling very positive for TV day the next day.

With the 600 out of the question and already sold I could focus on the 450.

We woke up Monday morning for TV day and storm ‘Katie’ was still hitting us as it had been all that night like they forecasted. I decided not to go out for warm up.

Mega laps for Monday put me 11th on the grid which I was happy about, it put me on the 4th row on the grid right in the middle of the row.

Race one was a bit iffy with the weather, no one really knew if it was going to be dry or not, even so we all went out on wets… The track was practically dry but off line there were wet and damp patches so in a way the wets were the option to go for so we could pass off line. Anyway I went out and I was feeling strong on my starts for the next day so the lights went off and I managed to get to 5th or 6th before the first corner from starting 11th on the grid. I was a bit surprised myself but I went with it and tried to stay with the group. I was able to stay with the group and make passes, I got up to 3rd at one point in the race so I was loving it. Sam Cox had gapped us in the first few laps so there were a few of us battling for the remaining top five finishes but I’m not entirely sure how big the pack of us were. My tyres felt planted and really well in the dodgy conditions, a few other riders had some close moments out and around corners on the dry track, wet tyres. The race was hectic with the close battling and back markers we had to pass but I enjoyed every minute of it and managed to finish in 4th with the 2nd fastest lap of the race!

JT Donny 201603 web 6

Race two on the rrv450 and final race of TV day I was feeling really good with my starts and confident with my pace, however I wasn’t sure if that was just me being confident in damp conditions or what.. I was starting to learn the bike every time I was out there and without pushing to the point of crashing I was happy with the pace. So I went out level headed and fixed on getting another good start and hanging onto the back of the same pack. My start took me from 11th to 6th before redgate again which I was happy about, I had the group in front of me and all I had to do was stay patient, learn the pace on the dry tyres and see what’s what so that’s what I did. The top three riders were on it, Caines, Hodgeson and Cox however I was in a battle with about 4 or 5 other riders so my focus was to stay with them. Later on in the race I noticed Cox went down so it put us all up once place, Caines and Hodgeson were gone though so we were all battling for that third position. There were a few big moments for everyone and close battling between us all, it was mega. The last lap was very very close to the line however I finished 4th just behind Coalan Irwin who clinched 3rd.

JT Donny 201603 web 1









I’m buzzing after how round 2 has finished and can’t wait to be back out there!


As usual there are loads of people to thank but I’d like to say a big thankyou to Thundersport GB, Bernedette for being amazing as always, the marshals, medics & officials for being there and taking care of everyone!


Also to people behind me, my mum, sis, all family and friends for all being so supportive. My dad who’s got everything sorted with the bike and making all of this happen for me I wouldn’t ever get this chance if it wasn’t for you so thank you so much dad, he’s also owner of & Thanks to Martins Motorcycles in Reading, RideInBikeTyres for helping us with tyres, MTC MOTORCYCLES for their help with parts and much much more!



JT Donny 201603 web 3


TV Day is Thursday, 21st April on MotorsTV on: Sky447 and Virgin Media545

 & then always available in HD on the incredibly successful and popular thundersport i-player


Thank you for thundersport for putting it on!

If you want to see some footage of how it went or even to look back on how my winter has been go check out my social media sites!

Instagram: JackTynan96

Twitter: JackTynan96

Facebook: Jack Tynan Racing



Thank you to Martins Motorcycle Services

Thank you to Ride in Bike Tyres for help with the wheels and tyre changes

Thank you  for the bodywork on the APRILIA

Thank you to Ian at IN COMPETITION for the advice on getting the RRV450 ready.

Thank you to Colin Port Images for the pictures

Thank you mum for the sandwiches they were lovely and a massive massive thanks to my Dad for making all of this happen I wouldn’t be able to do it otherwise.



If you’d like to, you can help by donating on GoFundMe or by using the Paypal button in the side bar. Thank you :)


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One thought on “Donington – March 2016

  1. Lee irwin

    Jack, you are doing brilliant and I’m sure you are destined for great things in racing. Your decision to stick with one class is a good move!! Racing in two classes back to back is a big ask of anyone especially at the level your riding at mate. Thank you to you and dad for helping us with the bike and the advice over the last few meetings we really appreciate that. Looking forward to seeing you both at Snetterton ✊✊

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