Brands Hatch –  March 2016

Wednesday night most things were packed and sorted but there were still a few things to sort out. Thursday through the day we packed up the las few bits in good time so we didn’t have to rush.  We knew it would take roughly two hours to get to Brands Hatch, it’s the closest circuit to us though so I can’t complain.


We arrived with light still left for us to set up and we were able to relax in good time ready for testing the next day.


Friday morning was so cold! It was a bit damp but mostly dry. I went and signed on for testing, I was out on the Aprilia for the day getting familiar and comfortable with the bike on the circuit as much as I could for the following day even though track temperature was near enough freezing.


Still it was a good day on the RRV and I was looking forward to the first day of racing for 2016!


Saturday morning we woke up and realised it was wet and looked as if it was going to be like it all day.


I had a good start to the morning!


Aprilia qualifying I stuck it 13th on the grid, so onwards and upwards and looking forward to getting out on track again.


On the CBR600 I didn’t get any testing on it at all the previous day but went out for qualifying in the wet and I stuck it 2nd overall but 1st out of the steelsports.

JT 201603 Steelie Brands - 2

In the first RRV450 RST Aprilia Challenge race, 10 or so riders went down because of the tyres and how cold and bad the conditions were. I was having problems with the tyres too and didn’t want to risk throwing it down the road as well so I retired. It looks like we’ll have to learn what preparation is needed to get the best from these tyres.


The Steelsports class within the Golden Era Supoersports is for bikes built with steel frames from the 90’s. In the first race of the Golden Era Supersports I finished 1st in the wet by a good margin in the steelsports class so I was happy with that and 4th overall.

JT 201603 Steelie Brands - 6

It was time for lunch then back at it in the afternoon!


Very happy with the second half of the day!


In the second race on the APRILIA I had an awesome battle with Alex Wood and managed to clinch 9th after starting 13th on the grid so it’s all progress which I’m very happy with.


I was definitely having issues with the clutch on the Aprilia though, so that night the clutch was changed hoping it would help with the next day (Very big thanks to Trevor from Scott Racing Aprilia for all the help, it’s much appreciated!).


In the second race on the CBR600 in Steelsport class I came back with a 2nd! Just a bit off of the pace from 1st in race two but that’s fine I’ll work at that, there’s still a few things on the bike that need a look into which may help so I was looking forward to the next day!


Thanks to all my family that came up to watch on Saturday it was really nice having you here.


Saturday’s results:



Race one: retired

Race two: 9th



Race one: 1st

Race two: 2nd


Well happy with that, onwards and upwards! Keeping positive and enjoying being back out on the bike.


Another positive start to the day on Sunday!


It had been dry so far and In race one I had a good battle with a few lads on the Aprilia and managed to come back with 12th, I’m getting used to their pace and the way they ride compared to the cb500 I rode last year, as well as trying to get used to the bike so I’m happy with how it is going.


Is the first Golden Era Supersport race I struggled a bit with the 600 because of the tyres and the front brake was going to the bar and I ended up with 4th place in the class so we tried to work on that during the lunch break. I was hoping to go better next time out.


Awesome way to finish the weekend with the two last races.

JT 201603 RRV450 Brands - 3

I was dicing around with a few of the lads on the Aprilia until we came round to lapping some 125 riders, they got ahead of them before a corner so it stuffed me up in that sense so I couldn’t stay with them, meanwhile I had a few behind me showing a wheel here and there but I managed to keep ahead of them all the way until Alex got me on drive out of clear ways to just nip me at the line! I came back with a 13th in that race.


The last race on the Steelsport I was starting from 5th on the grid, I was happy with my tyres and the front brake wasn’t as bad as earlier that day so I had a bit more confidence in using it. It was a good race all in all however the front brake was going back to the bar again half way through, the suspension wasn’t feeling great either but I managed to bring it back with a 2nd, well chuffed and feeling great to finish round 1 on a high.


It’s been hard adjusting to the bikes and the different classes but I’ll get there, I’m happy with how my fitness is at the moment but I will keep working at what I’m doing so I feel more comfortable on the bikes.






RACE ONE: retired












So happy with how round 1 has gone, taking every positive out of everything that’s happened, I can’t wait to get back out there.

JT 201603 Steelie Brands - 7

Personally, I’d like to thank my sponsor Mark and his son Harry at MTC motorcycles (READING) for coming up and supporting on Sunday it was great having you two there.


As usual there are loads of people to thank but I’d like to say a big thank you to Thundersport GB, Bernadette for being amazing as always, the marshals, medics & officials for being there and taking care of everyone!


Also to people behind me, my mum, sis, girlfriend all family and friends for all being so supportive. My dad who’s got everything sorted with the bikes and making all of this happen for me also owner of & Thanks to Martins Motorcycles in Reading for the work on the engines, RideInBikeTyres for helping us with tyres, MTC MOTORCYCLES for all their help, Chris Cooper from for the excellent work on the Aprilia fairings and to everyone that supports and encourages us!





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One thought on “Brands Hatch –  March 2016

  1. Brian Holmes

    Brilliant performance Jack
    Your mum Vicky and I enjoyed the visit on Saturday, accept the bad weather.
    Great result at the first meeting this year, getting use to the new bikes as well but you looked confident out there
    as I knew you would.
    Pat and you make a good team, keep the good work up.
    It makes us very proud of you, as to what you have achieved over this last two years.
    Love Granddad and Vicky.

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