Winter 2015/2016

Hello everyone!

It’s been a long winter but it’s gone so fast!

So you might have been guessing what I’ve been up to, well if you follow my social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) you would know, but if not then I’ll tell you now.

Ever since the 2015 season finished I’ve been back at training as much as I can to build my fitness and get all the muscles around my shoulder chest and back, back to where they were before the collarbone injury.  That has been going great and I’m confident in saying I’m fully fit and in good shape for riding.

Meanwhile, at the same time as working on the fitness, I’ve also been going out and having some fun on the supermoto pitbikes! Luckily I have been able to go near enough every weekend or every Monday to either fatcats or Swindon Karting.  If you’ve never done supermoto pitbikes before I highly recommend it, it’s so much fun!


On the Monday nights you get 4 hours of riding time with no sessions unless it’s really busy for £20 at Swindon karting, mega fun and cheap.

pitbike winter 2015 - 4


On Sunday’s at fatcats for the whole day it’s £30 without sessions unless there are karts there, either way you get loads of track time.

pitbike winter 2015 - 3


The loose end that’s been coming with me so much and who I’ve been alongside all winter riding and having a laugh with is Olly Kelly, it’s been an awesome winter we’ve put in the work and it hasn’t been easy.. We’ve done a lot of miles and a lot of hours riding over this winter to be prepared for the 2016 season.

The main man we’ve been meeting up at fatcats is John O’Toole! It’s been awesome fun going up there and riding with you.

Also I’d like to say a massive thanks to Ron Haslam for helping me this winter and for inviting me to come ride on the pitbikes with himself, John, Leon Haslam, Sam and Alex Lowes as well as letting me ride your mini pit 160 in a 50 frame… Oh yeah sorry for crashing it too haha! It was mega fun, so me and my dad have decided to build one ourselves to come up and play on it after taking your advice on how good the little bikes are.

I’ve been up and down motorways, on and off tracks, getting changed into and out of my leathers in the back of my cold van, early mornings, late nights, training my ass off and having skids and giggles on pitbikes. It’s been an awesome winter but now the real work begins as the 2016 season has started!

We woke up at 3:30am Friday morning to head up to Donington Park for some testing on the RRV450 which I will be racing in the RST APRILIA CHALLANGE and the cbr600 which I will be racing in the Golden era STEELSPORT 600 championship.

Donny test 201602 - 1

The day was cold, dry for a while and then wet… It was expected so we went from wets to drys and drys to wets but that’s fine, I got some good track time with both bikes. I wasn’t pushing at all i just wanted to feel comfortable with them both and have a good useful day out on track. There were no dramas, no crashes so its all positive coming away from Donington knowing that the test day went well.

Donny test 201602 - 3

Thank you for Thundersport for putting it on!


If you want to see some footage of how it went or even to look back on how my winter has been go check out my social media sites!


Instagram: JackTynan96

Twitter: JackTynan96

Facebook: Jack Tynan Racing


Thank you to MTC MOTORCYCLES with all the help with the APRILIA.

Thank you to Martins Motorcycle Services for helping with the CBR600.

Thank you to ride in bike tyres for help with the wheels and tyre changes.

Thank you, looking forward to seeing what Chris Coopers creative mind has come up with for the bodywork on the APRILIA, can’t wait to see it!

Thank you to Ian at IN COMPETITION for the advice on getting the RRV450 ready.

Thank you mum for the sandwiches they were lovely and a massive massive thanks to my Dad for making all of this happen I wouldn’t be able to do it otherwise.


Bring on round one at BRANDS HATCH!

Donny test 201602 - 2

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