Cadwell Park – May 2015

Thrills, spills, podiums, rebuilds, bar to bar racing and mountain top wheelies…..  The amazing place that is Cadwell Park!!

We arrived Thursday night with just enough light to set up and relax before testing the next day.

Friday morning we had a lay in because we were out for the afternoon session, when we went out it was pretty wet in the first session so going round and getting a good enough idea of how it is in the wet. Second and third session were damp in places but there was a clear dry line so going round was nice and steady while picking up on tipping in points, braking points etc.

Friday night me, dad and some of the lads went for a track walk, I love track walks because you can really see how the track is from a different perspective, it’s completely different to riding it, you can see everything and it gives you so much more information about the track to help for when you’re riding, I think so anyway. Plus it’s a good laugh, nice and chilled walk after a days riding.

Saturday morning was qualifying at 9am so first out onto a chilly track. Qualifying went well I managed to get a reasonable time and put myself 2nd on the grid for race one and two. Happy with how the morning went to be honest even though it was pretty difficult to get a clear lap in. We had a pretty long wait till race one so leathers off, in some comfy clothes and time to watch some bikes go round and have a chill. Well done to Joe Barton for sticking it on Pole!

Race 1 – Saturday

Went out for race one with in my mind to go out, enjoy it, stay patient and connect the dots all the way round the track so I’m as smooth as I can be while going as fast as I can. Gridded up off for the warm up lap we went the gridded up again, lights went on, off then off everyone went! It’s hard to explain how much went on in the race, it was so intense and demanding! Wicked first race, loads of battling! Managed to finish 2nd with Joe Barton winning and Richard Blunt 3rd. Me and Joe both broke the standing lap record which was a 1.42.816. I got 1.42.740 but Joe just nabbed it by setting a lap of 1.42.690! Mad race, couldn’t believe we still have three left, I couldn’t wait I just wanted to get back out!


Race 2- Saturday

Race two was going really well, I managed to get the holeshot, lead for a few laps with me and Joe swapping places out at the front, pushing the limits of our bikes everywhere to keep on pace with each other it was mental, it’s great riding with Joe because his race craft is amazing and very hard to have any idea of what he’s going to do it’s great to ride against him. However I was leading last lap while battling with Joe Barton and lost the front at Gooseneck 4th gear flat. I was ok but the bike wasn’t, I remember just going to flick the bike left to go down to Mansfield and the front folded, smoke was all I could see until the bike went away from me then the next thing I knew was that I was in the air going downhill just about to hit the grass, I slid for a while and had a little Tumble but while sliding I look left and see my bike flipping multiple times. Thanks a lot to the marshals you all did a great job to get the bike sorted and for checking if I’m ok. I was gutted about falling on the last lap however when everyone went past I can’t think of one 500 rider that didn’t Rev their bike or something to get my attention to ask if I’m ok by sticking a thumbs up, top blokes you’re all amazing. But after that it was time to get to work so I can get out on track tomorrow. Thinking positive as I broke the lap record from what it stood at when Joe broke it earlier today to a 1.42.459 so on Pole for tomorrow. I got back to our little set up ready to give dad a hand but I didn’t feel with it at all and dad saw that before I did, the adrenaline must have just gone and my body along with my head just felt a bit funny so dad told me to go have a lay down to relax, my head wouldn’t stop spinning for a few hours while everyone was offering a helping hand with the bike and getting it sorted for the next day, I Wouldn’t be back out on track the next if it wasn’t for an amazing bunch of blokes, Sam Smith, his dad Steve, Mick Marshall, Peter Bardell, my dad Pat Tynan and everyone else in the paddock that’s given a helping hand & offered, thanks a lot I appreciate it! Bring on TV day!


In the morning the Bike is still in progress of being fixed but on Pole for today, time to get my chin up, focus and get my head on it for the race. Can’t thank everyone enough for the help with the bike you’ve all been amazing I really appreciate it, best bunch of blokes ever and all the 500 riders you’re all amazing!

Race 3 – Sunday

Race 3 of 4 but the first race of TV day came up, I was feeling good and ready to get back out and do what I love doing. I was out on Pole so I was really happy with that! Managed to get a great start with a holeshot but it didn’t take long for Joe to come past and give me some hassle along with a few others haha, Great battling in the first race today there were some big moments and close calls but a pretty clean race at the same time. I had a few problems with grinding out the exhaust on the right side so every right hander I was grinding out, we realised after the race the exhaust had been knocked down from the crash on Saturday so we sorted that out however managed to clinch 3rd! Unlucky to Pete as he was ahead of me into the hairpin in Halls bends and lost the front. I wasn’t on pace as much as I wanted to be because I was grinding out but I knew a few little adjustments and it’ll all be good for the last race of the weekend! Well done to Will Leaning for the win and Joe Barton in 2nd great riding from you two!


Race 4 – Sunday

Race 4 of 4! Last race of the weekend at Cadwell! The last race I think everyone goes for it and gives it that little bit extra and pushes the limit that little bit extra just because it’s the last race and to be honest I love that because the battling and competitiveness is insane! Managed to get a good start again and take the holeshot, just like the previous race it didn’t take long for company behind me to start showing a wheel here and there and then all of a sudden a bunch of people would fly past because of slipstream.. Around Chris’s curve me and Will Leaning have a come together which made me think I was coming off because my front wheel slid and the bars slapped the tank each side a few times, I lost one place from that and on the same lap I almost high sided it out of Mansfield, the limit that we were all pushing our bikes and ourselves was crazy, but so fun! Nearly every lap into park there would be 3 to 5 bikes a breast into the corner with each other basically looking to see who would brake later or who could brake latest, no matter where you are on braking you had benefits and problems because you could have the line but someone would slipstream you and get by or you could be behind someone slipstreaming and then someone else would come aside or cut in front or do something you wouldn’t think of, we all wanted it that badly! Great way to end the weekend with an amazing last race with battles all the way through with no rest, loved every second of it! I managed to clinch 4th in that last race, a massive well done to Richard Blunt for 3rd, Peter Bardell for 2nd and Joe Barton for winning the last race and getting a new lap record! Well done lads it was a pleasure riding with you all I loved it, the limit was definitely being pushed!

Results for the weekend were 2nd, DNF, 3rd & 4th so a pretty solid weekend with some nice points to come away with!


As usual there are loads of people to thank but I’d like to say a big thankyou to Thundersport GB, Bernedette for being amazing as always, the marshals, medics & officials for being there and taking care of everyone!

Also to people behind me this year my mum, sis and girlfriend for all being so supportive. My dad who’s got everything sorted with the bikes and making all of this happen for me also owner of &, Martins Motorcycles in Reading the work on the engines, RideInBikeTyres for helping us with tyres, MTC Motorcycles for their help with parts! Also Putoline for supporting me through this year.

Bring on Oulton Park!


MTC Motorcycles 

Martins Motorcycle Services

Ride In Bike Tyres



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3 thoughts on “Cadwell Park – May 2015

  1. Brian Holmes

    What a great weekends racing at Cadwell Park my grandson Jack 96 and Pat 72.
    Listening to the Thundersport radio and tracking system was very exciting, some great battles out there.
    I am very proud of my Grandson jack 96 who has acheived anouther posative weekends racing.
    It realey was quality riding finishing 2nd 3rd and 4th in three races. But unlucky by not winning in the other, as he was in the lead on the last lap but lost the front end.
    A great thank you to is Dad Pat 72 and all the riders who helped rally round and got Jacks bike 96 repaired.
    I feel a great sence of friendship with all the riders who race in the Thundersport 500s.

  2. martin

    hi ,whats your best lap on cadwell on wet conditions ? and what type of tire is use in thundersport 500 on wet? can i buy this tire to me road cb 500 ?

    • blogadmin

      Hi Martin,

      Not sure about the best time in the wet as we only had a practice on Friday afternoon to get a feel for the track and these laps weren’t timed. The timings for quali and races are available here:
      The control tyres that we use are supplied by Holbeach Motorcycle Tyres ( but they are race wets and would be destroyed very quickly if used in the dry on the road. But speak to Mark from Holbeach for tyre advice. Hope this helps. Regards, pat

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