Snetterton – May 2015

The start of this weekend was so similar to Donington! Saturday morning we were up and getting ready for testing but we had some time because we only had the afternoon session so in the morning it was nice and relaxed for us to get signed on and to watch a few sessions go around before we did. During testing we had to adjust the new shocks and change out a soft front brake but by the last session I was happy with what I was doing and the times I was putting in, I was consistently putting in some good lap times without pushing my limits so I was happy with that.

Nice early night for us all however as we went to bed we checked the weather for the next day and it turned out to be wet for qualifying in the morning, not knowing if it will dry out for race one or not. I wasn’t fussed about it at all plus I like the wet so I was looking forward to riding Snetterton in the wet for the first time.

Sunday morning we were up nice and early and of course it was very wet as predicted. I was looking forward to it, also Simon Farquhar stopped by our set up and spoke to us about the track being sticky in the wet so that was interesting and good to know as I’ve never ridden it wet here. As I went out for qualifying I gave it a few laps to warm up the tyres and build my pace up, when I went to put a few flying laps in I started to realise how sticky the track was in the wet so I was enjoying it. Managed to put myself 2nd on the grid for race one and two.

JackTynan96 TSGB 201505 Snetterton (4)

Sunday – Race 1

Race one came up and it was still wet, we got delayed by an hour though because the previous session was red flagged and oil was dropped on the entrance to Montreal and we only found out because a friend of ours heard of this so that was something to keep an eye out on in race one. We went out, went for the warm up lap and back to grid up. I got a fairly good start, I was 3rd in turn one but a couple passed through until Richard Blunt went on the brakes and possibly hit what was left of the oil patch because his front end just washed out from underneath him, a good friend of mine Ben Coyle was just ahead of him tipping into the corner before Richards bike slammed into the side of him which wasn’t nice to see at all but the race kept going. I managed to stick myself in second for a few laps battling with Josh Leaning as Joe Barton gained a good gap on us but after the 5th lap the race was red flagged and stopped after another incident at Murrays. Because it was stopped there and then without a restart the positions were counted back a lap to end it, I managed to get 2nd in race one.

After race one I went to see if Ben was ok but I only found his Dad who told me he was in the medic centre so I went looking for him, couldn’t find him but I found out by one of the medic staff that he’d been taken to hospital with an expected broken ankle which I was gutted to hear about. He had his phone on him so I got in contact and asked him to let me know how he gets on and what’s actually happened, turns out he will be out for 6 weeks due to the ankle being in bits is probably the best way to say it. Really gutted but I’m wishing him the best and a real speedy recovery!

Sunday – Race 2

Race two came up and the sun was out, track went bone dry so happy days a nice fast dry race to look forward to!

Out for race two, grid up and wait for the lights then off we went. My start was good I managed to get around 3rd or 4th into turn one. Throughout the race the battling was insane, into turn one I’m not sure what lap it was I tucked underneath a good friend of mine he’s been brought up in my blogs a lot before, Peter Bardell, as I went underneath him he thought I couldn’t keep the tight line so he went to take me back by the second apex however I was able to keep the line so he went straight into the right side of me leaving a nice tyre mark on the back of my bike and leathers but luckily we stayed on and managed to keep going without losing pace or places. It was so tight to the end but I managed to get the last podium position and came off with a 3rd.

Nice and early night again, looking forward to the following day which is TV day!

JackTynan96 TSGB 201505 Snetterton (27)

Monday morning we were up around half 6 to get ready, I had a shower which woke me up nicely but we didn’t have too long because I was out in the first practice session at 9am so warmers were on, kit was on and ready to get out and have another feel around for the track not pushing limits by any means.

Monday – Race 3

Race three I was 5th on the grid after qualifying so second row, right in the mix and ready for the day!

Before I went out the same thoughts were there, stay patient, keep it smooth and just enjoy it!

Race three we went out, it was so sunny the weather was perfect for a days racing! Did our warm up lap and off we went, my start wasn’t the best but I managed to stay in the mix, having a good few battles and close calls, the thoughts were there always, be patient consistent and smooth was key for me to think about, a load of battles, passes and some decisions that worked out well meant that on the last lap it was me, Joe Barton & Peter Bardell going for it, it was so so close but Peter managed to get the win, I got 2nd and Joe 3rd. Really happy with my result and everyone’s pace was so fast and just over the lap record pace.

JackTynan96 TSGB 201505 Snetterton (1)

Monday – Race 4

Race four came around really quickly, so we went out, last race of the weekend, TV day and everyone is going for it!

We went out for the warm up lap, gridded back up and off we went, my start again wasn’t great due to being pushed out wide but the next corner I managed to get a place back on brakes, same thoughts applied so I was staying patient and getting my head down to try and catch the group in front. It took a few laps but I got there and lap by lap I managed to get through the group coming up to the front three, there were passes all over the track but I wanted to keep my laps consistent and smooth. As I got into second position Joe gapped us… I managed to get the gap back so I was on his back wheel but then there was one corner that I was stuffed up on which lost the opportunity of getting close to passing Joe, as I got stuffed, by Peter, as you do in racing that’s just how it is… I lost two places so the thoughts came back into my head, stay patient it’s a long race I have some time yet, a few laps past and I got back into 2nd position but Joe cleared off during the battling, he was on it so fair play to him. Me and peter were having an amazing race tripping each other up and having great scraps through every corner. We came up to a load of back markers but hay ho it’s the riders job to get around, last lap came and I was in second but Peter snatched it off of me in the last sector to give me 3rd. When we got to parc ferme I found out that I beat the lap record so it now stands at 1:24:111s for the 500 class!

JackTynan96 TSGB 201505 Snetterton (3)

Great weekends racing for me, 4 races 4 podiums! Lap record! Also the results after the weekend puts me up to 2nd in the championship, I’m so happy with that.

Another thing I’d like to say is for my friend Ben Coyle, wishing the best for you mate and a very speedy recovery as I would love for you to be out there riding with me!

As usual there are loads of people to thank but I’d like to say a big thank you to ThundersportGB, Bernedette for being amazing as always, the marshals & medics for being there and taking care of everyone!

Also to people behind me this year my mum, thanks for the food, sis, girlfriend and Grandparents for all being so supportive. My dad who’s got everything sorted with the bikes and making all of this happen for me also owner of &, Martins Motorcycles in Reading the work on the engines, RideInBikeTyres for helping us with tyres, MTC Motorcycles for their help with parts and a new suggestion of brake pads which worked great! Also Putoline for supporting me through this year.

JackTynan96 TSGB 201505 Snetterton (30)

Bring on Cadwell Park!

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One thought on “Snetterton – May 2015

  1. Brian Holmes

    Well done Jack anouther great race meeting at Snetterton race circuit. On the podium 4 times, great performance.
    I came with a mate on Sunday on the bank holiday, as Vicky was in Malta. We both enjoyed watching the events.
    On the Monday you broke the fastest lap on record which will need a bit of beating, keep the good work up and good luck at next meeting at Cadwell Park Lincolnshire.
    Looking forward to seeing you on the podium again. Brilliant Love Granddad.

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